Friday, December 12, 2008

"Grain Barge" Liverpool Docks, 1971

"Sou'Westers" 2004


This is my first posting and I'll be concentrating on paintings and photographs.
 I've made them both for most of my life. These two subjects are of great interest to all, of course. At Liverpool Art School my final history paper was "The Influence of Photography on Painting in the 19th Century". Plenty of fascinating material lies there in the wake of photography's invention, and the later reversal of painting's influence on photography.

The photograph was taken of a bargeman having a mug of tea, while the rare Liverpool sunlight danced through the grain dust behind him.

The painting is a plein air oil of fishing boats in San Pedro Harbour, south of los Angeles.

I try to wear different hats when creating my imagery, and not to wear them back to front, or at the same time, which is pretty common.


Robert Elliott said...

You're off to a good start.
Now your fans want more!


Bernard V Fallon said...

Robert- you the man!

Hey, today I heard from California Art Club that I have a painting accepted into their Gold Medal Show in 2009.

Bernard V Fallon said...

I'm doing a pastel painting demo next week.

Charlie said...

Hey Bernard,
very fine body of work
love the Liverpudlian shots
great site, too
Thanks for All Facilitations.
Charlie Davis