Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Homeless's Dictionary

Took a photo of this homeless woman along the Esplanade, Redondo Beach. Amongst her worldly belongings is her blue Webster's New Pocket Dictionary.

Wonder what this literate person has gone through to end up on this balmy December morning with nothing but waves, sky and a vast horizon stretching out in front of her.


Jose Rivolta said...

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Jantzen Lennon Peake said...

Hey Bernard met you at the Power Plant art show last week.
When I lived closer to the beach I saw this elderly women just about every day pushing her massive dome of mistery. She is a very kind women who seems to not get bothered by the police. I've seen other homeless people eneter the Redondo Rivera and get rousted almost immediately. She must have some sort of connection with the city. I don't believe she completely homeless just a sole fueled by the beach life.
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